Aluminum Hand Pull Gates Spec Sheet: 

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Hydro Gate Corporation, or approved equal.

Hand-pull gates shall be of sizes listed in the gate schedule and shall be either embedded frame (guides) or surface mounted as detailed in plans. The closure shall be of flush bottom design with neoprene bottom seal. Hand-pull gates shall be as manufactured by Hydro Gate Corporation or approved equal.

Slide and Frame
Aluminum, B202 or B308 Alloy 6061-76

Neoprene, ASTM D2000 grade 1 BE625

Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polymer, ASTM D40200

Gate Construction
Frame or Guides
The frame shall be special extruded aluminum shape with securely attached UHMWPE liners with lip sealing action at sides of opening. The frame design shall be suitable for embedment in concrete or for anchor bolt mounting on a grout pad.

The frame lower member shall contain a securely retained neoprene T section seal for complete closure against the lower edge of the slide.

The slide shall be thick aluminum plate with one or two handles or hand holes. Edges of holes or handles shall be rounded for comfortable grip.

The slide shall be reinforced as necessary to limit deflection under water head to L/360.

Weight and Size Limitation
User shall consider lifting capability of operating personnel. Consult the manufacturer for weights and lifting loads to keep them within human limits. Generally gates larger than 36 x 36 require auxiliary power to remove or insert.

Guide Liners
Liners shall be UHMW polymer of special molded shape to prevent metal to metal contact. They shall be securely fastened in the frame groove and shall have lip action sealing.

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