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Hydro Gate or approved equal.

Aluminum stop logs including lifting beams shall be of the size and mounting type shown on the drawings and specified herein. Log and lifting beam design shall be such that the flexural stresses do not exceed 1/5 of ultimate strength or 1/3 of yield strength. Design flexural stress of aluminum shall not exceed 7,000 psi.

Materials of Construction
Stop Log and Slot Extrusions
Aluminum (6061-T6) (minimum thickness of ¼ in.)

Lifting Beam
ASTM A36 Hot Dip Galvanized or ASTM A444

Neoprene D2000 grade 1BE625

Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene

Hooks & Fasteners
Stainless steel, ASTM A276, Type 304

Guide Wheels
Phenolic or polyolefin

Stop Log Panels
Stop log panels shall be of height shown on the drawings and in height increments of 6 in. Panels made of two or more extrusions shall be securely welded together to form a unit and joints shall be made watertight with neoprene seals or seal welding. Each panel shall have two stainless steel hooks to engage the lifting beam. Panel surface shall be mill finish. Adequate drainage shall be provided for each log. Stop log panels shall be furnished with UHMW guide surfaces to eliminate metal-to-metal contact with slots during insertion and removal.

Seals shall be permanently attached to sides and bottom of each panel. Seal shall be formed all around the waterway channel and between each stop log panel.

Sill constructed from stainless steel plate shall be provided. It shall be adjustable-mounted to provide flat level seal surface prior to grouting. Finish will be mill finish. Alternatively, flat level concrete invert surface may be provided. Flatness shall be within 1/8 in. in 10 ft of length.

Slots shall be one-piece extrusion suitable for embedment or mounting on channel wall surfaces. Surface shall be mill finish.

Lifting Beam
Lifting beam shall be gravity-engaged and lanyard-release type suitable for inserting, retrieving and handling stop log panels. The beam shall be furnished with non-metallic wheels to guide the beam in the stop log slot. The lifting beam may, at the manufacturer’s option, be adjustable in widths to accommodate several widths of stop log openings. Beam shall be complete with large center lifting eye and center-guided, galvanized, lanyard-release cable.

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